Something Special

Something Special


302 Main Street
Smithfield, VA 23430

1 Something Special
  • 302 Main Street
    Smithfield, VA 23430
  • Category: Shopping
  • Thursday, 11 August | Smithfield, VA

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From Kristin Wilda - Director: Something Special Thrift Shop is an outreach project of Hands & Hearts, a group serving adults with intellectual and other disabilities in our community. Our mission: To provide intellectually disabled adults with meaningful work, creative opportunities, and fellowship with people of all capabilities.

Hands & Hearts, formed in 2017 to give special needs adults the chance to gather and have fun, is an auxiliary program of Trinity UMC in Smithfield. Our group loves meeting downtown on Wednesdays, and when a space for a shop came open on Main Street, we knew it would be a perfect fit. A thrift shop offers the opportunity for a variety of skills to be practiced, and it is an affordable business venture to launch. We’ve been saving donations for five years and so can cover the initial rent and utilities.

The name "Something Special” lends itself to the inventory in our thrift shop – everyone can find “something special” there to buy. Moreover, it is a nod to the very special friends working at the shop. The opportunity to have a job and interact with the community is huge for these folks. Most of us take it for granted that we can go to work and hang out with friends in the break room to eat lunch; this is a new and totally exciting concept to the Hands & Hearts members!

Our shop just opened on March 17th, but it was clear right away that Something Special is going to hold a unique place on Main Street. You’ll be greeted with smiles and fist bumps and possibly hugs when you enter, and the atmosphere of generosity and good will that’s already been demonstrated by the community is evident.

Come meet Jason, our “Supervisor Working Guy” as well as Allison, who has already learned to operate our point of sale system. Tiny miracles are happening at 302 Main Street and we couldn’t be having more fun!