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Smithfield's LOVEwork

228 Main Street
Smithfield, VA 23430

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In the spring of 2017, Smithfield & Isle of Wight Tourism sponsored a contest for the creation of our very own LOVEwork. The winning designer, Meagan Pugh, describes her design: Inspired by what we are best known for & hellip; Ham, well Bacon, I envision our LOVEwork to be in the pop art vein and interactive. Visitors can take photos their friends and family taking a big bite out of a slice of bacon (while taking a big bite out of all there is to do in Smithfield). We might even be the world’s largest bacon statue!” Share your images with us using #smithfieldlove.

Interview with the artist who created our LOVEwork, Meagan Pugh:

PODCAST VIDEO: WanderLove Road Trip to Hamtown USA - LOVEwork and SummerWind Vineyard