Smithfield Isle of Wight County - Hambassadors

It’s really very simple…treat your customers the way you would like to be treated.
Interact with you customers in a genuine way – be yourself – and they will be delighted!

Treat your employer the way you would like to be treated too!
They are trusting their livelihood to you and your ability to provide a wonderful experience to their customers. So, treat your customers the way you would treat them if you owned the business!

Here are a few “no-fail” sales tips…

  • Know your product and services! An “I don’t know” should always be followed by an “I’ll find out!”
  • Make a great first impression. Introduce yourself by name and greet them, but don’t swarm down on them!
  • Ask an open-ended question – not one that requires a simple yes or no. How about "What can I help you find today?” Try to determine what the customer is looking for. If they say they are simply browsing, give them space to do so.
  • Next…ask why. This will give you the opportunity to help them and think of other items to suggest for purchase.
  • Upsell – This isn't being pushy, this is an opportunity to provide service. The customer may not know that you stock certain items or may forget that they will need them.
  • Finally, ask if there is anything else the customer needs unrelated to the first purchase(s).
  • And of course, always say “Thank you!