Online Customer Training

Smithfield Isle of Wight County - Hambassadors

Thank you for participating in the Hambassador Program. This training is one of three steps you will take to become a Genuine Smithfield Hambassador! The training is easy, and we're sure you will learn something new about Smithfield & Isle of Wight, our local tourism industry and why YOU play such a vital role in that industry! You can also use the outline of pages below to navigate to a specific page.

How to?

Simply read the materials on each page and click on any relevant links. Then click on the "NEXT PAGE" button at the bottom of each page to move to the next page. If you'd like to return to the page before, click on the "PREVIOUS PAGE" button.

There are 13 pages in total, but don't worry...there's no test at the end! Just relax and enjoy. When you're finished reading all the pages, mark the completion date on your Hambassador card. If you've completed the other two steps, turn the card into the Visitor Center (319 Main Street) to the attention of Connie Chapman, our Hambassador program coordinator.

We hope that after this training you'll be prepared to offer your customers tips and facts about Genuine Smithfield & Isle of Wight County, ensure that their visit here is wonderful...and that they will return!

Here is an outline of the Hambassador Course:

Part I: Tourism in Genuine Smithfield & Isle of Wight County

Introduction. . . the Gift of Tourism!
The Smithfield & Isle of Wight Visitor Center . . . Command Central

Part II: Genuine Hams, History, Hospitality & HeART

Genuine Hams . . . "The Ham Capital of the World!"
Genuine History . . . One of the eight original shires
Genuine Hospitality . . . this is where YOU come in!
Genuine HeART . . . concerts, theater, fine art and more!

Part III: Genuine Smithfield Customer Service

Your Attitude Says It All!
Genuine Smithfield Customer Service "Do's"
Genuine Smithfield Customer Service "Dont's"
"Uh Oh!" It Happens
The Golden Rule Rules!
Finally . . . Be Yourself!

If you have not received a Hambassador card yet, you can download and print it here.