Smithfield Isle of Wight County - Hambassadors

  • The #1 reason customers report for not returning to a place of business is an unpleasant customer service experience. Don’t take your customers for granted!
  • Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know the answer to their question. Tell the customer you will find the answer and then follow through and do so!
  • Don't take a phone call while waiting on a customer or even if another customer is waiting! Ask the customer in the store if they mind if you tell ask person on the phone to be put on hold. And it just goes without saying to not take or make a personal call while there are customers in the store.
  • Don’t keep customers waiting for any reason! Today customers expect fast, efficient service – with a smile! If you find that your customers are expected to wait for service often, discuss the matter with your manager to see if there is a solution.