Smithfield Isle of Wight County - Hambassadors

  • Greet your customers when they enter the store. Of course, this can be tricky. Always let the customer know that you’re there and are friendly and ready to serve. At the same time, “attacking” customers with a rote phrase as soon as they cross the threshold can be off-putting. Try to find a happy medium.
  • If while serving a customer another one enters, acknowledge the one just entering and let them know that you will be with them soon. If you suspect it may take a while longer, let the new customer know, or call a colleague over to help them.
  • Offer help, but don’t hover. Not all customers want assistance. Respect their space if they don’t look interested. They will let you know if they need or want help.
  • Listen to the customer and remember any details they have shared. Show them that you genuinely care!
  • Ask for feedback on their experience. Don’t be afraid of complaints…they are opportunities to improve!
  • Keep your customers informed of any changes in your menu, items, phone number, hours, etc.
  • Make it easy for your customers! Make returns easy. Make coupons and discount cards easy to redeem.
  • Follow through. If you say you will look into a matter, do so! Be true to your word!
  • We can’t say it enough – always express gratitude to the customer with a genuine “Thank you!

Today, disgruntled customers can (and often will) share their experience with the world through social media and the internet. Obviously, this can have a negative effect on you and the business you’re working for. It’s more important than ever to offer your customers a positive experience. You’ll ensure a great reputation and return business!