Smithfield Isle of Wight County - Hambassadors

You are the third "H" in our "Hams, History, Hospitality & HeART!" When our visitors tell us what a wonderful welcome they have received in Smithfield - and they do - we know that it's because of you! You are on the front line of the tourism industry here. We're known for our warmth and hospitality, and that's because of folks like you!

As a Hambassador, we want to let you know about everything that we have to offer visitors here in Smithfield & Isle of Wight County and offer some tips along the way.

How do you recommend a restaurant?

The docents at our visitor center are trained and knowledgeable about each of our restaurants - what makes each of them unique, what type of food they serve, the atmosphere at each one – and you should learn this too! While a certain restaurant may appeal to your taste buds, a Hambassador would never make the mistake of recommending one restaurant over another; after all, we’re all in this together, so what do you do when a customer asks where they should eat?

The easiest response is to turn the question around and ask them what sort of food they are interested in. Then make suggestions based on their answer. If a customer isn't sure, list off a couple nearby spots and the type of food they serve. You could tell them the restaurant's atmosphere, if it's formal or informal, perhaps some history of the place. Even mentioning a few menu highlights will nudge them in the right direction and help them select a restaurant that sounds good to them!

Additionally, being careful not to suggest one restaurant over another saves you from a potentially embarrassing situation if the customer returns upset, having had a bad experience at a location you recommended.

By the way, this practice applies to recommending our shops and lodgers too. Ask your customer the same type of questions and listen to their response. Always keep their tastes and interests in mind, not your own as you offer help and suggestions.

Take some time to explore our local restaurants yourself. For a full list of Genuine Smithfield's local dining options, click HERE.

Smithfield Ice Cream Parlor
Smithfield Station Waterfront Inn, Restaurant & Marina
Smithfield Gourmet Bakery & Cafe and Wharf Hill Antiques
Taste of Smithfield
Smithfield Inn
Captain Chuck-A-Muck's in Rescue, VA

So, what’s to see and do around here?

Locals are great, but they are often slightly jaded by what they see on a daily basis. Never make the mistake of thinking there is nothing to see or do in Smithfield & Isle of Wight. We’ve ALWAYS got something going on!

Local Attractions

Did you know there are 12 can’t miss things to see and do in Smithfield & Isle of Wight? What do you think they are? Try to list them and then go to this website to see if you got them right.

Special Events

Be sure to subscribe to our weekly e‐newsletter "Where the Locals Go" to stay up‐to‐date on all the special events taking place in the area. Email our Special Events Coordinator, Connie Chapman at to subscribe or sign up from the home page of this website.


Our quaint Main Street and downtown with its picturesque and unique shops is quite a draw for visitors. Make it a personal goal to visit one new shop each month. Stop in somewhere you haven’t visited before so you can learn what Genuine Smithfield has to offer. For a full list of our or shops, check out the SHOPPING page of the tourism website.


Smithfield has a wonderful selection of lodging facilities. From a quality Hampton Inn, to a quaint B&B, to a historic Inn and a waterfront lodge...there is plenty to choose from. Learn about our lodging selections, and direct folks to accommodations here within Smithfield. For a full list, visit the LODGING page of the tourism website.

One of the three steps you need to complete to become a Hambassador, is to visit two shops, one restaurant and one lodger. Record your impressions of each on the Hambassador card that you have received, and post a review of one of your visits to or This gives you an opportunity to experience Genuine Smithfield as a visitor! And we suspect that you'll enjoy your visits so much, you'll continue to explore on your own!

Smithfield Farmers Market - named one of the top 101 farmers markets in the USA!
Smithfield Station Waterfront Inn, Restaurant & Marin
The antique barns at Windsor Castle Park